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 Why we love what we do


Ergo Zen was created out of a passion for soft blended cotton fabric,  the gentle feel and comfort provided to the skin when covered by the fabric and the moisture wicking properties found in the synthetic material used to produce it.  The synthetic material has a peculiar ability to draw moisture away from the skin to the exterior of the clothing where it can be absorbed more easily.


The word "Ergo" means consequently and is also a combining form meaning "work".  The use of the word "Zen" is within line of promoting an increasingly meditative culture among all human beings.  Ergo Zen Clothing is clothing that works for the individual wearing it and not for the crowd...  Ergo Zen is EZwear


We believe in light weight clothing that breathes and works for the individual ergo, we make Male and Female T-shirts and Vests as well as T-shirt Dresses using premium blended cotton which is extra-soft, extra light in weight, extra durable and breathable.


In paying homage to our African culture we've incorporated a combination of African symbols in our printed T-shirts in order to conscientize ourselves and our buyers of ancient African customs which we believe are universal truths on how to lead a more meaningful life.  


For 2018 Ergo Zen continues to become increasingly conscious of our spiritual connection to the universe by paying homage to our galaxy, which happens to be the third line of our "COSMIC address" - if you were posting a letter to your aunt in Neptune - we look to the wisdom of the Gye Nyame symbol.  


Find out more about the meaning of this symbol from our products page where we introduced the Ergo Zen Gye Nyame Vest.


View our Motivational video here


                           "Ergo, I Am Consequently Zen" 


© 2020 by ERGO ZEN. Proudly promoting a meditative lifestyle;-)

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